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pond life and coral atoll wallpaper samples from interiors by element

order a wallpaper sample

Ordering an A3 sample lets you preview the colour, weight and finish of your made-to-order wallpaper with utmost accuracy. We offer both pre-pasted and paste-the-wall options.

Wallpaper samples cost £8 each. The cost of up to 3 samples will be refunded to you if you go on to place a wallpaper order.

pre-pasted pure paper wallpaper

This wallpaper has a weight of 175gsm and exhibits bright vivid colour and a smooth finish. It is best suited to pasting on smooth wall surfaces. Simply submerge it in water to activate the paste and hang - no wallpaper paste required!

paste-the-wall textured vinyl wallpaper

Our paste-the-wall 300gsm textured vinyl wallpaper is a great choice for rough surfaces or when a harder wearing paper is required. It is paper backed and pasted using standard wallpaper paste. Our paste-the-wall paper comes in two finishes: Japon, which mimics the appearance of handmade paper, or Dune, which exhibits a stucco effect.