• Designer Rug - Round Urchin - Ocean
  • Designer Rug - Round Urchin - Seafoam
  • Designer Rug - Round Urchin - Chocolate
  • Designer Rug - Round Urchin - Violet
  • Designer Rug - Round Urchin - Slate
Urchin Graphic Dot Pattern Ocean Inspired Rug

about this rug

Inspired by the intricate dot pattern observed on a sea urchin’s shell once it has lost its spines, this round rug is available in four bright, bold colourways (Ocean, Seafoam, Chocolate and Violet), as well as the softer, more neutral Slate colourway. Whether you choose to use it as a statement piece or an elegant backdrop to your decor scheme, this elegant, intricate round rug is a great choice for either a contemporary residential or commercial interior.

urchin graphic dot pattern ocean inspired rug

standard sizes:

  • 1.25m diameter: £400
  • 1.5m diameter: £575
  • 2m diameter: £1020

standard colourways:

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delivery information:

Delivery to mainland UK destinations is £25-50 per rug for standard sizes. Additional delivery charges apply for sizes larger than 2m X 3m and for international destinations - please contact me for a quote.

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