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Interiors by Element transform contemporary urban interiors with abstract, fantastical images of the natural world

frequently asked questions

how long have you been in business?

Belma has been designing interior products since completing her MA in Textile Design at the Chelsea College of Art and Design in London, UK in 2010. She made the move to full time self-employment two years ago and the brand has been growing steadily ever since.

aren't bespoke products really expensive?

Traditionally bespoke products were the domain of the very rich, but advances in digital printing have made printing small quantities of wallpaper much more affordable. As a small company we are also able to keep overheads for custom design work quite low and pass on the savings to our customers.

where are your products made?

Our wallpapers are printed in the UK in Altrincham, Cheshire. For the rugs, we work with an experienced UK-based importer who manufactures the rugs for us in Turkey. Working with established external manufacturers ensures all orders are processed smoothly and allows Belma to focus on what she does best - design!

how thick are the rugs?

The standard thickness of the rugs is 2cm, which makes for a lovely, luxurious thick pile. However, we can also create thinner rugs on request (down to 1cm thickness) and loop pile rugs for situations where furniture is placed on top of the rug.

what are the rugs made of?

All of our rugs are made of 100% high-quality wool, for a lasting product that will stand the test of time.

why do you print your wallpaper per square metre rather than in rolls?

Quite simply, because it saves you money, is good for the environment and allows us to customize the designs to a specific space.

By printing wallpaper to fit a particular space, we only ever print (and you only ever pay for) exactly what you need - much better than having to purchase two rolls when you only need one and a half. Additionally, printing with the end use in mind allows you to customize a design to suit your wall - see our bespoke wallpaper page for more information.

is the wallpaper easy to apply?

Our standard pre-pasted wallpaper is extremely easy to apply as it comes pre-pasted - you just have to use water to activate the paste and you’re good to go! Our paste-the-wall option is used in situations where you want to paste onto a rougher surface like wood, and is applied with traditional wallpaper paste.

how long does delivery take?

The made-to-order rugs take 6-8 weeks. The printed-to-order wallpapers take 1-2 weeks.

where are you based? where can i see your products?

Belma works out of her home studio in South London. We do not currently have a showroom but we exhibit at various UK-based interior design shows from time to time - sign up to our newsletter to be notified where/when we are next exhibiting. We are also happy to meet UK-based trade clients at their convenience to review a selection of samples - contact Belma at hello@interiorsbyelement.com to set up an appointment.

If you just want to check the colours of a particular design we are happy to send you the wool samples in the post (UK-based). If you are able to return them when you are done so that we are able to re-use them it is much appreciated.

are you planning to offer any other products in the future?

Fabric is definitely in the pipeline - sign up to our newsletter and be the first to know when it launches.